Getting Around San Francisco

Cable Car
Hop on the Powell-Hyde cable car for a ride in the city. You will find yourself at the top of the eight switchback curves you will find on Lombard Street. The cable car will stop briefly to allow passengers to leave the cable car and take pictures of the lovely landscaping you will find in front of all the mansions. If you decide to linger, you can always catch the next car to come along.

City Bus
The city bus will allow you to reach Lombard Street from the bottom or the top. City buses run on a regular schedule and can be taken to most other popular tourist sites in the city. The street with eight switchback turns does not have room for a bus to travel this one short block.

Riding a bicycle down this steep and crooked street would be a real challenge! You may choose to ride your bike to the top or the bottom and do what many in San Francisco do and walk it!

When driving to Lombard Street, you should remember it is a one-way street going to the East towards the Bay. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour so it will take you a while to get through all the switchback curves. Take your time and enjoy the beauty of the street. The lawns and spaces between the mansions are decked out with flowers and each house is a different color and has its own unique face. There are always cars going down Lombard Street and it is open 24 hours a day. If you are driving, please be considerate to the residents who live on this marvelous street.

Walking Lombard Street
If you want to truly enjoy this unique street, take the steps at the bottom of the street and start climbing up. Take the time to admire the flower gardens, look at the architecture of the beautiful homes, and listen to the sounds of this beautiful area. The steps are steep and even the most experienced, in shape walker may need to pause on the way up to catch their breath. Once you reach the top, take pictures of the beautiful city and Bay. You will have a wonderful view of Coit Tower also. When you have recovered your energy and breath, take the steps down again and enjoy the charm of this lovely street.